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We Rise 2020: Virtual May Wins PRISM Award

(In this image: 2020 PRism Award-winning campaign We Rise 2020: Virtual May)

It seems like ages ago, but for the first half of this year, I was focused heavily on supporting the mental health campaign, "Why We Rise," and its month-long "We Rise 2020: Virtual May" event. Long hours and virtual collaboration during a pandemic were both challenging and deeply rewarding. It's an incredible feeling to know the campaign has been recognized! We Rise 2020: Virtual May won a PRISM Award in the Not-For-Profit Category.

Congratulations to my partners at Cause Communications for the WIN to my partners at Rogue Agency. I'm so proud of our work together.

I’ve been working with mental health clients throughout my career, and more so within the last six years, and the landscape has changed dramatically. In a recent blog post, I explored four fundamentals of communications from this work that still holds true.

Where do we go from here?

Conversations about mental health, including access to care, are critical to resilience and healing as we look ahead to a post-COVID world where traumas experienced during the pandemic will slowly begin to manifest. Communications strategies will be fundamental to raising awareness and inspiring action.

Right now, I'm looking closely at the intersection between mental health, smart cities, and the built environment. How can not only hospitals, but schools, and the workplace of the future be physically healthy and mentally healing? What does returning to work actually look like with a new perspective on holistic physical health and mental wellness?

Big questions, I know. If you're interested in a deeper narrative on these topics there are plenty of conversations you can join right now. Twitter is a rich resource for science-backed research and real-time conversations – and where you can find me regularly fangirling over designers, health practitioners, and pioneers in the space. These conversations are a bright spot during these trying times. Awards help too ;).

Hoping you're all safe and well.

~ Jessica Payne, Strategy For Impact Founder


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