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Self-Expression, Representation, and Equity in the Workplace with Cedric F. Brown, APR.

When Cedric F. Brown, APR tweets, I pay attention.

Cedric has earned international recognition in communications for his work in diversity, equity, and inclusion advocacy efforts. He's is a digital strategist with a decade of expertise in using analytics and research to develop socially impactful content. Cedric joined me on the podcast as part of my Build Your House of Wellness series, and I'm so excited to share his insights with you.

I've been following Cedric on social media for quite some time, where he regularly speaks about building equity in Black and Brown communities, his PRSSA work, and "giving a voice to the voiceless." He's also addressed inequities across the communications industry, ranging from internship compensation (yes, interns should be paid) to the lack of diversity at senior levels.

Cedric describes himself as "more than a publicist." Spend any time with him, and it's easy to see why.

When Cedric F. Brown, APR tweets, I pay attention.

Join us as we explore Cedric's "house" and discuss his hopes for self-expression and representation in the workplace, plus his valuable insights on campaigns from the Department of Education, Nike, and Ben & Jerry's.

Listen to the full interview below – or visit my podcast page to subscribe and stream from your platform.

Check out all of the impactful work Cedric is doing on his website:, and follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Learn how to participate in the Build Your House of Wellness series on our website. For more insights, connect with me on LinkedIn and Twitter (@jpaynebu).


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