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verb : to create something by working with one or more others


Working with us

1 // Onboarding Charrette - Strategy Session

To develop an effective strategy and accomplish your goals, everyone needs to get on the same page. Our collaboration begins with an in-person onboarding session, or "charrette" where we explore your campaign objectives, identify potential challenges, and illuminate opportunities for us to tell your story and drive impact. It’s a judgment-free zone and fun-filled few hours where all ideas and stakeholders are welcome. 

2 // Data Gathering & Analysis

Next, you'll receive an audit of your communications footprint – including all online marketing and communications channels – plus a competitive analysis of your internal communications. This ensures there's 100% transparency on where we're starting from and informs the communications plan.

3 // Plan Delivery & Project Management 

After that, you receive a 6-month strategic plan where we present your objectives, strategies, audience definition, messaging, budget, and reporting. Project management needs are also confirmed at this time. Every team is unique. Once we deliver your plan, we’re fully prepared to manage the entire program for you, independently or as an extension of your team. 

4 // Message Development

Moving from planning to the implementation phase, we then dive deep into your messaging development. We transform your mission into key messages that are clear, concise, and compelling – and aligned with the values and needs of your audience. This is your narrative –your story – and the framework for how we communicate with your stakeholders and drive impact. (e.g., key messages, impact stories, FAQ) 

5 // Content Creation

Next, we bring your story to life by translating your approved messaging into preferred, multiple formats, including offline and online channels, and adding powerful imagery aligned with your visual identity and representative of your audience.

(e.g., impact stories, executive communications, blog posts)

6 // Community Building

Based on your needs, we help manage your communities (including social media) by guiding you through the process as your in-house strategists. 

7 // Reporting

We will keep your team informed about the impact we’re making by providing regular reports in your preferred format and as often as you like. 

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