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Strategy for Impact was founded in 2014 when the trust between people and organizations began to falter. Today, corporate transparency, wellness, and social responsibility are expectations required by today's workforce and form the foundation for all of our campaigns and communications strategies. We create a deeper narrative between you and your audience, spark real conversations and drive impact. 

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Jessica Payne is an award-winning communications strategist and a WELL Accredited Professional. Her mission is to leverage personal experiences and human connection to empower individuals, teams, and organizations to build a "house of wellness" where they and others can thrive – and effect change. Jessica’s nearly 20 years in communications, social impact, and brand strategy combine international experience with a laid-back west coast style that puts her clients at ease and allows collaboration to flourish.
Peers will often hear Jessica say, "I name things," reflecting her love of language and pursuit of capturing the very essence of a person, product, or organization.  
Jessica understands the challenges faced by both large organizations and lean teams when it comes to commanding attention and driving action in a competitive marketplace. Through her Strategy For Impact business, she creates conversations of substance with a purpose.
Today, people aspire to be agents of change through the brands and organizations they support – Jessica helps her clients (including Fortune 500, nonprofits, and individuals) successfully engage stakeholders through innovative communications strategies and time-tested best practices.
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Jessica is a graduate of Boston University with a B.S. in Communication and a concentration in Social Psychology.  She holds a WELL Accredited Professional credential from the International WELL Building Institute™ where she proudly serves on the IWBI Health Equity Advisory. She also holds a certification in EcoDesign from the University of British Columbia.  
As the daughter of critical care registered nurse, and a career-long advocate for mental health, Jessica recognizes the importance of improving health and wellness – through our environment and communities – and how sharing our vision for a better future can be the catalyst for change.

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